I'm Aneta, my friends call me Megi.

My journey? I’m a businesswoman-turned-mum-turned-entrepreneur driven by a desire to redefine hair care with natural goodness and cutting-edge innovation.


I kicked off my beauty career at 18, running a tiny store in Poland where I sold everything from cosmetics to ice cream. There I learned the ropes of entrepreneurship before I went
off to University whilst working in a luxury hotel where I had my first exposure to the world of high-end design and beauty. I was in love.

Life took me to Wales for what was supposed to be a quick stint (spoiler: it became my forever home) and I discovered the brand John Masters Organics. It sounds cliché, but it was fate. Now, 18 years later, I'm still proudly representing them, deeply embedded in the haircare scene, working with trendsetters, creatives, and retailers alike.


I am the distributor and representative of John Master’s Organics in the UK and Europe. I also work with Pouri (clean supplements), amongst other brands.
I also have my organic hair salon in Wimbledon Village, London.

I have always taken great pride in having healthy hair and taking excellent care of it. Of course, I had the classic 80’s perm in my teens, and I was a walking advertisement for red-hair-dye-from-a-box for a significant portion of my 30s, but despite the occasional experimental treatment, I made sure to use quality hair care products and kept my locks in top shape.


But at 45, even after using only natural products for over 15 years, I noticed troubling changes — dryness, excessive shedding, and significant hair loss. Was it stress, my diet, or hormonal shifts? Despite trying various remedies, nothing seemed to help.

Turning to supplements, I dove into research for a solution. Yet, after weeks of taking between 6 and 8 tablets daily, I grew frustrated with this routine and began exploring how I could go about creating a single result-driven supplement solution, free of artificial additives and bulking agents.

My first product was born, the Megi Hair Growth Stimulating Supplement. Receiving positive feedback from my clients was incredibly fulfilling. But I kept hearing the same question "What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend for hair loss?"


After being in the industry for years, it was clear that many of the brands were missing one thing - none of them addressing the menopausal hair changes which I was suffering from. I knew straight away what I wanted to create.

I recognized a gap in the haircare industry when it came to innovating everyday products to help strengthen your hair and stimulate your hair growth — a convergence of beauty and the latest science.

Determined to make a difference, I embarked on a mission to develop everyday products that could positively impact both my hair growth journey and that of others. A breakthrough in the ingredients industry paved the way for a myriad of new possibilities in haircare. Utilizing stem-derived impactful ingredients, proteins, amino acids, fermented vitamins, biotin, aloe vera, and more, I set out to create a powerhouse line of products designed to stimulate new
hair growth.


    And voilà! Here we are today, with Megi Wellness offering an expanded range of four products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Growth Stimulating Serum, and Supplement.


    Embodies more than just a catchy phrase — it's the essence of who I am. It's a pledge and dedication to infuse each product with quality, results-proven ingredients, meticulously formulated to perfection. It's my way of declaring to the world my unwavering commitment to not only enhancing our hair but also boosting our confidence, so you can let
    your hair grow
     while using Megi Wellness.


    Megi Wellness is an advanced, fortifying haircare line for hair that is thinning, losing volume and density. Our products are free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, PEG, DEA or DTA, Dimethicone, and Silicones.

    I really hope you enjoy using our products. Aneta x