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Hair loss products. We are looking for collaborations to promore hair growth stimulating products. This market is experiencing huge growth and we are looking for men and ladies to help us to shout out about solution for this problem. Megi Wellness is an advanced, fortifying haircare line for hair that is thinning, losing volume and density. We use the latest science. Our products are supported by trademarked, laboratory tested, innovative ingredients which are proven to strengthen follicles, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss in just 3 months. POWERED BY: ANAGAIN™ In every product, at full strength. In laboratory studies, AnaGain™ shows to reactivate hair growth by 78% in just 3 months! - Stimulates hair growth at the root - Prolongs the life cycle of hair - Fully restores the vitality of the hair CAPILIA LONGA™ Serum only. In laboratory studies, this has a faster active effect than minoxidil and can: - reduce hair loss by up to 89% - increase hair density by up to 62%

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